Our services are casual and modern. We embrace a come as you are philosophy. You'll find most people in jeans, but feel free to dress however you feel comfortable. 

When you arrive, be sure to grab a cup of coffee or cocoa from the coffee bar. We've got all the fixings! Don't forget to get a couple of donut holes before you head into the auditorium. Have a seat wherever you'd like. We have a floor level and balcony. 

Worship is typically songs you'll hear on the radio from Bethel Music, Chris Tomlin, or maybe even our very own Aaron Scantlen. Join in if you know the words, or just enjoy the music and let the lyrics talk if you'd rather. 

Next is the message delivered by one of our pastors or elders. Each message is crafted by a sermon prep team who ensures it is applicable, relatable, and biblically sound. 

All in all, service usually lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.

SonLight Kids

Ignite SonLight Kids is an inviting, safe place for children ages newborn through 4th grade to learn about God's love for them. 

All classes (except nursery) gather into a larger group for songs and worship. Afterward, they go back to their classes for age-appropriate games, activities, and play to further absorb the day's lesson. Our goal is to make every child feel safe, cared for, and loved by Jesus! 

Upon arriving, please visit the Ignite Check-In Station located directly to your right. There, volunteers will be available to assist you with checking in each of your children and showing you to the appropriate classrooms. Each child will receive a name tag with a special code. The parent will receive a tag with their child's special code to present to classroom teachers at pick-up. This secure system protects families and ensures the safety of those in our care. 



Spark Students: 
5th - 7th

Students will meet in the Atrium during the sermon for their own teaching time. They will follow the Gospel Project curriculum that Ignite also uses. Once a month, students will also have the opportunity to serve in Ignite. 

8th - 12th Grade

FUSE is a fun, engaging place for students 8th through 12th grade to build Christ-centered relationships and dive into God's plan for their life.

FUSE meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8 PM, with doors opening at 6 PM. The evening consists of relevant teaching, group discussions, small groups, and activities that target students and the issues they face every day. There are also special events, retreats, and an annual youth conference. 

On Sunday mornings, FUSE students are welcome to join us in the Worship Center for the main worship service.
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